Lucky Tie !

On the same day, when I received my diploma for the Computer Technician training, I sent applications for a job with a prepared cover letter and a copy of the diploma certificate to 25 companies.

Mid-seventies computer professionals were in need and I was sure that I would get a job immediately, especially because of good professional certificate, knowledge of English and German, young age, good health, honesty and for high motivational abilities.

Also, I needed a job to pay off my debts that I had made for training. A good friend who had vouched for me at the bank should not in any case get into trouble.

The following weeks were terrible. Almost every day I received rejections, a total of 23 and only two interviews. This I did not expect, really.

In a company where I introduced myself,  had very high expectations of me, another did not want me. The reason I never found out. The conversation lasted only about ten minutes, maybe even less.

I must be doing something wrong. Was it perhaps the letter of application or because of my outfit?

Those days I had only one suit and I took extreme care over it. It was a green suit, suited me perfectly. Or the reason for rejection was indeed because of my tie?

A new company called Wang Laboratories sought internal service technicians. At that time I had a German girl friend. But she lived in Stuttgart and myself in Frankfurt. I called her and asked how to formulate my cover letter in German. Instead she suggested that I should call the companies directly.

Actually, I could have come up with the idea myself. So I called them and after a few questions about the work, qualifications, language skills etc. I was invited for a meeting on the following Thursday.

Now I need a nice shirt and a matching tie.

„Look at nature and you’ll find the answers“, my people in India had adviced me long ago.

I had a dark green suit and what does the nature suggest?

Yellow would fit well, I thought and I found one nice shirt in turmeric color and the price also was reasonable.

But with the selection of the tie I had my problems. Either the ties were more expensive than my shirt or they did not fit to the yellow color of the shirt and the dark green suit.

Since my shoes were brown, I had to have something of green, yellow and brown colors on my tie. On the interview day I was in two stores and I was wearing my nice suit and yellow shirt. But I had no luck.

The third dress shop was at the cross road to Kaiserstrasse. The furniture and the rest of the equipment showed that the store must have seen several generations. All items were sorted neatly and carefully. There were beautiful ties, shirts, belts and other accessories for men.

The elderly Salesman was friendly and polite, but had a soft voice that I could hardly hear him. When I told him about my concerns for the most important appointment, he showed me various ties. I described my idea about the color combination to match my outfit.

Now he picked up some boxes from the bottom drawer and showed various ready made ties that were already bound. The seller said, you need to pull the elastic band only around the neck and stuck under the shirt collar and that’s it.

One of the ties fulfilled all my expectations: It was a green tie with a beautiful embroidery in brown, green and yellow in color.

Moreover he charged only 5.00 DM for this beautiful tie. I found the seller very kind. He considered my financial situation and probably did not want to make a big profit. I was very pleased with this purchase.

The interview went very well and after two hours they asked me if I could start job the comming Monday. That was a lucky day and it was determined by this tie, I think!

Weeks later I was invited to a celebration and of course I wore my green suit and my lucky tie; what else?

When I proudly told a Franco-German friend about my new job and showed him my lucky tie, he looked my tie intensively and asked if I would have gone with this tie to the interview. >> With this Jägermeister tie you get the job? << he asked me incredulously.

On my astonished look, he explained to me that this tie was embroidered with the emblem of the brand Jägermeister herbal liqueur and it is an advertising gift from the manufacturer!

Well, I’ve never drank Jagermeister, but nevertheless this tie was my lucky tie!


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